Church Ministries

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Events held by the Church Ministries Department
  • Senior Adult Talent
  • Senior Adult Retreat
  • Prison/Chaplain Conference
  • Lead Pastor’s Retreat
  • RMF Camp Meeting Luncheon
  • RMF Christmas Banquet
If you are interested in becoming a church planter, please contact us at 864.963.4751 x104.
2020 Palmetto Gathering – Senior Adult Retreat
Yesterday, April 1, 2020, the Church Ministries Board met via Zoom and made the tough decision to postpone this year’s Palmetto Gathering – Senior Adult Retreat until 2021.
We feel like this is the best decision since senior adults are more susceptible to the covid-10 virus. We want to keep our seniors safe!
We look forward to the 2021 Palmetto Gathering (Senior Adult Retreat) and getting to have fun with our senior adults then!


Church Ministries Board
864.963.4751 x104

Church Ministries Board

Stuart A Jacobs
H Albert Sims Jr
Willie V Sutton Jr
Thomas D Suttle
Robert D Wells
Joshua D Childers
Mark Crumpton