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2022 Prayer Conference
2022 Palmetto Men’s Gathering
This is for those wishing to bring a vehicle to put in the car show. This registration does not include attendance to the event. You must still register as an attendee to participate in the other events and BBQ meal.
2022 Chaplain’s Conference
2022 Sparkle Conference
Due to COVID-19, all events and scheduled dates are subject to change or be cancelled.

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December 2021
11 Hispanic MIP
January 2022
14-15 MIP
22 Chaplain’s Conference
22 Hispanic MIP
25 State Testing (app due by Jan 3)
29 CAMS Spring #1
February 2022
4-6 Winterfest, TN
7-8 Prayer Conference
18-19 MIP
March 2022
5 Men’s Gathering // BBQ Cook-Off
11-12 Youth Leaders Retreat
12 CAMS Spring #2
12 Hispanic MIP
18-19 MIP
21-23 Lead Pastor’s Retreat
April 2022
1-2 Women’s Retreat
8-10 Boys Campout
14 State Testing (app due by Mar 14)
23 Hispanic MIP
29-30 MIP
May 2022
13-14 Junior Talent
14 CAMS Spring #3
20-21 MIP Commissioning, TN
20-21 Softball Tournament
27-28 Palmetto Gathering/Senior Adult Retreat
June 2022
12-15 Camp Meeting
21-24 Mauldin Mini Youth Camp
27-7/1 Mauldin Senior Youth Camp
28-7/1 Pee Dee Mini Youth Camp
July 2022
1 CAMS Application Deadline
1 MIP Application Deadline
4-8 Mauldin Junior Youth Camp
7-8 Pee Dee Senior Youth Camp
11-15 Mauldin Intermediate Youth Camp
11-15 Pee Dee Junior Youth Camp
25-29 General Assembly, TX