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Event Downloads ~~ New Registration Process!

You will now be asked to create a free account to register for any of our events. After you create your account, your information will be stored in order to make it easier to register for any of our events in the future. 
After your account is created, you will go to the 3 lines in the top right hand corner, and click “Events”. You will see all of our events that are open for registration. 
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Due to COVID-19, all events and scheduled dates are subject to change or be cancelled.
All Youth Department info can be found online here.
All 2020 Events have been cancelled.
CAMS and MIP are still being held.
October 2020
3 Hispanic CAMS 3
10 CAMS Fall #2
16-17 MIP
CANCELLED – 19-20 Ministers Meeting
CANCELLED 23-24 Women’s Retreat
November 2020
7 CAMS Fall #3
13-14 MIP
December 2020
CANCELLED – 10 RMF Christmas Lunch
12 HIspanic CAMS 3