Ministers Benevolence Ministry

Guidelines & Qualifications

***You must be a Church of God credentialed minister (or spouse) reporting to South Carolina to be eligible to join.***
Revised by the State Council – September 20, 2021

MISSION AND PURPOSE: The ministers of South Carolina provide a voluntary benevolence ministry for credentialed Church of God ministers and their spouses called the Ministers Benevolence Ministry (MBM) that will provide immediate financial assistance to the family at the time of death of a member of the Ministers Benevolence Ministry. This is not a life insurance policy. That the amount of benevolence be set upon recommendation of the Care Committee and set by the State Council. Subject to periodic review.



  • Must be licensed with the Church of God or be the spouse of the person licensed and a member of the Church of God in the state of South Carolina.
  • Must make an initial contribution of $10.00 per person.
  • Application for membership will require the applicant’s signature to be witnessed and notarized.
  • Newly credentialed ministers and their spouses that enroll within thirty (30) days of being credentialed will be covered immediately. All other enrollees shall not be eligible to receive benefits until six (6) months after their enrollment.
  • A member of the MBM will be permitted to continue in the program should they move/transfer to another state.
  • A minister’s widow/widower will remain qualified for the MBM if he/she should remarry a non-clergy, provided he/she remains otherwise qualified.
  • If a member of the MBM that is credentialed undergoes suspension of credentials, he/she may continue as a member of the MBM provided he/she complies with all the requirements of the suspension/restoration process. The members’ suspension does not disqualify his/her spouse.
  • If the credentials of a member of the MBM are revoked, he/she may not continue as a member of the Minister Benevolence Ministry. The member’s revocation does not disqualify his/her spouse.
  • Any member whose credentials are reinstated may reapply for membership.
Mail/Email all forms to:
Church of God State Office
Attn: Melody Hand
PO Box 309
Mauldin, SC 29662
Contact Melody Hand
if you have any questions:
Phone 864.963.4751 x107