Church Revitalization – Kingdom Advancement

Nine out of ten churches are either declining or growing so slowly that they are not keeping up with the growth of the community. Revitalization is an urgent need! We want to help! We want to see your existing church be healthy and grow to the next level. We want to be a part of your team to see it happen!
There is a misconception that revitalization is for churches that are on life support and are about to die. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The size of your church is irrelevant. Revitalazation is a process that will help any church overcome the hurdles they are facing and become more influential in their community for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that God would help you see the vision clearly, have a solid plan that will work, and a friend to do that with. 
You are loved and we are cheering you on!
SC Church of God Taskforce – Kingdom Advancement Team